Our mission of fueling industrial success with others arose from our own successful history.

The Wauford family capitalized on the outsourcing phenomenon of the 1970's, beginning by converting off-grade streams from our clients' manufacturing processes, and proceeding to where we are today, conducting high-value manufacturing for Fortune 500 companies.

As the company experienced significant growth, we began to bring together teams of professionals with diverse business backgrounds, and we also acquired or formed various independent companies. These companies succeeded by adopting a strategy that created access to variable labor and sprint capacity in what had typically been capital-laden and proprietary technology-driven industry segments.

As our customers saw their costs reduced, we also put systems into place to monitor quality, productivity, safety and financial management. Success bred additional success, and the Wauford family began to acquire real estate to support our operations and create additional growth.

With a growing number of affiliated businesses, we added a management and financing arm in 1998, which oversaw the deployment of resources for a growing customer base ranging from small manufacturers to Fortune 10 industries.

Today, the Wauford Group helps support companies like yours through every phase of the business cycle. We believe strongly that it's not about where you started - it's about where you end up. And from the incubation of an idea, through manufacturing, to support with systems, labor, space and capital, the Wauford Group offers resources to fuel your growth and success.