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ML&E, Inc.

At the heart of the Wauford Group is a proven business management group with deep experience in operations, finance, logistics, human resources and sales. The team at ML&E provides growth strategy and execution management for our entire family of businesses. It's a resource that can help you plot a course for growth or show you how to reduce costs and increase efficiency on existing business.

Our management team will work with you to put a plan in place. Then we'll help you implement, whether it's on your site, or one of ours in central Virginia.

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Pre Con, Inc.

Our contract converting and manufacturing business was established in 1975 by Jerry Wauford. In addition to manufacturing, the company also owns about 450,000 sq. ft. of industrial and office space in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Pre Con, Inc. is the foundation company of what ultimately became the Wauford Group.

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Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, LLC

Our specialty fabrics company was formed in 2004, and produces Kovenex® and Pavenex®, which are flame- and heat-resistant fabrics that are also cut- and tear-resistant. They serve a wide range of applications, including protection for first responders and use in industrial gear and garments where heat- and fire-related protection is needed. Visit their website.

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As a large user of temporary staffing, member companies of the Wauford Group were dissatisfied with the efforts of regional and national staffing companies. AdvantaStaff was formed with the client in mind, concentrating on pre-screening, training and fill-rate management to provide a strategic advantage to its clients. Visit their website.

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Diversified Converters, Inc.

DCI was founded in 1990 as a contract converter for commercial non-wovens, and produces a variety of products. DCI also serves as a product development and converting center for its clients.

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WestPointe, LLC

Founded in 2010, WestPointe is the source company of several related companies in the Wauford Group, including WestPointe GP, WestPointe Commercial and WestPointe Residential. These companies represent the Group's real estate development interests, which include prime retail, office and residential properties.

James River Gypsum

James River Gypsum

James River Gypsum Company is a manufacturing center which produces gypsum in Richmond, Virginia, in a dedicated contract.